Evaluate a social media campaign

Review the website and social media posting patterns for one of the organizations listed below (based on your program of study). Describe how the organization used a social media campaign as a mode of engaging the general public as stakeholders. Links to all websites and social media sites evaluated should be provided in your resource list. You should also cite the websites containing the assigned readings, since those are the standards you are using in your assessments.


  • Food and Water Watch
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Environmental Defense Fund

Sustainable Food System:

  • FnB Restaurant
  • Green New American Vegetarian
  • The Breadfruit & Rum Bar

Recommended essay structure:

Paragraph 1: Introduction [should include the name of the business or organization and why you chose it; include which program you are in]

Paragraph 2: Content [Did the content add value for their audience? Was there a clear call to action (i.e. invitation to repost, visit website, donate, write to elected officials?)]

Paragraph 3: Frequency & consistency [Which sites did they use? How often did they post on various social media websites? Was the same content used on each site or did they use different images, videos, etc. on different sites? Did they post consistently, or were there large gaps of time without posts?]

Paragraph 4: How effectively did their campaign address the general public as a stakeholder in the issues? What “worked” for you and what didn’t? What approaches might you borrow from them in the future? What might you do differently?


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