choose any 2 topic and write 750 words for each topic.

1. Globalization

  • What is Globalization? How is it changing the world and human social activity? What was the world like before globalization?
  • Discuss each of three areas most affected by globalization (economics, politics, culture) and how each of those realms have been affected by globalization.

2. Discuss International Politics

  • Discuss the difference between National & International Politics. What does anarchy and voluntary compliance mean in relation to international politics?
  • Describe/Define each of the two schools of thought on International politics (Realism vs. Liberal Internationalist) and demonstrate how they differ based on their views of such things as the key actors in international politics, the role of the state, the international system, the possibility of peace, and the possibility of international governance (discuss at least 3 of these differences).

3. Discuss principles and criteria of democratic elections.

  • Give examples of undemocratic elections and why they were so. Discuss the criteria/principles for democratic elections and how fairness and government accountability is maintained in elections.
  • what are electoral systems? why are the important and how can they have an impact on election results? briefly discuss each of the 4 types of electoral systems.

4. Discuss authoritarian & totalitarian regimes

  • Explain how totalitarian regimes differ from authoritarian regimes. What are the characteristics of each.
  • Explain the political, and technological, tools that enable totalitarian governments to come into existence. Discuss the factors that often lead to the collapse of authoritarian regimes


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