Chapter 27 introduces the financial system and the importance of assessing time and risk in making financial decisions. In this Discussion Board, summarize your own financial plan balancing present and future needs, especially future retirement needs.

In your post, you may want to apply: the Rule of 70, present value, insurance, diversification, and risk. How will you stay motivated to meet future goals (home ownership, business start-ups, family goals, and/or retirement with the human tendency to prefer “now” over “later?”

Note: To earn full credit for this graded discussion, post at least two times. First, post your own thoughts. This post should be substantial (containing at least 200-250 words). Next, respond substantially and meaningfully to another student. Be polite, professional, and thoughtful. Reply posts should contain at least 100-150 words. Teach them something new, and take the conversation to the next level. For background information about what constitutes a “meaningful” post, please review these two documents:


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