.     What is the economic impact of foreign-born workers in the US?

(To begin your answer, summarize the debate between George Borjas and David Card as described in the NY Times article. Be sure to use two supply and demand graphs (one for the labor market and one for the product market) in your summary and  Finally, find a second source in the popular press, trade journal, or published by a think tank that is written by a different professional economist on this topic. Make sure the article is making normative claims. Compare and contrast that opinion with the original NY Times article. Provide a complete citation for the opinion article. )

Type ” The immigration Equation NewYork Times” on Google You will find the article it is written by Roger Lowenstein.      If you are unable to find the article let me know ill send pictures

2. Are tariffs a problem or a solution for the United States economy?

( In your answer, find a news source that describes a recent tariff enacted or proposed by either the Trump or Biden administration and provide an overview of trade for the U.S. including major trading partners and overall trends in trade flows. Find two opinion articles on US trade policy with one written by a professional economist on this topic with both making normative claims. Compare and contrast the two articles and provide a complete citation for all articles used in your answer. In your summary, be sure to state and define two economic terms that you used and explain the graphical representation of a tariff in a competitive market (underline each concept that you defined in your answer).


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