. Briefly describe the function of each of the following cellular components: (3.5 points)

Cell membrane



Golgi apparatus




2. Name three cellular structures that are typically found in most plant cells, but not typically found in most animal cells (1.5 points)

3. Which cellular organelle is responsible for performing the process of cellular respiration, and what molecule is eventually produced as a result of this process? (1 point)

4. Is the organelle from question 3 above typically found just in animal cells, just in plant cells, or typically found in both types of cells? (half point)

5. Briefly describe the difference between the smooth ER and the rough ER in cells. (1 point)

6. Briefly explain what stem cells are. (1 point)

7. According to the lab manual, about how many different types of cells are found in the human body? (half point)

8. Which cell type typically has a nucleus: a prokaryotic cell or a eukaryotic cell? Which cell type has a nucleoid region instead of a nucleus: a prokaryotic cell or a eukaryotic cell? (1 point)


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