Research Aim: To identify and understand the characteristics of both lentic and lotic freshwater systems. Identify and describe at least 2 macroinvertebrates you would expect to find in an upland, headwater lotic stream and at least 2 macroinvertebrates you would expect to find in a small upland lake in South Wales. You need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the conditions within a lotic and lentic environment and investigate the diversity of macroinvertebrates within the differing habitats.

1500 words

Introduction – introduce the reader to the subject area and location of your freshwater habitats (NB. South Wales, upland freshwater environments, typically Brecon). Your introduction must have citations of peer reviewed material (using the Harvard referencing style for citing correctly).

Method – logical, concise methods section, detailing kick sampling for the lotic and sweep netting for the lentic environment. You need to research kick sampling and sweep netting (there is copious peer reviewed material for both) and write a method for each as if you have conducted these sampling methods. At undergraduate level it is not appropriate to include a materials/equipment section. Any equipment you would potentially use should be named in the actual methodology.

Discussion – Why are the abiotic and biotic factors potentially different between lotic and lentic systems? What macroinvertebrates would you expect to find and both? Are there differences between the species and if so why? Do they possess different anatomical features and adaptations that can be related to their habitat? Use peer reviewed material to substantiate your theories. By thoroughly reviewing scientific literature related to the subject area you must identify a total of at least 4 macroinvertebrates normally found in lentic and lotic upland, freshwater systems in South Wales (typically Brecon Beacons).


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