Discuss the population of Louisiana that are impacted by incarceration. Discuss and explain the children impacted by parental incarceration in Louisiana. The target population is children in Louisiana who are impacted by parental incarceration. Include 10 peer review journal articles with in 2018-2022.

–         Describe why the target population/sample needs to be studied. Describe the unique dynamics that exist for this group of people in terms of problem or challenges using at least 2 subtopics in this section.

–    Compare target population (youth impacted by parental incarceration in Louisiana) to other groups.

–         Synthesize at least 10 peer review journal articles including other author’s viewpoints, findings, studies, etc. that support the study.

–       Discuss and explain tension in the literature – both researchers who agree and disagree.

–    Must have 4 historical (sub) topics in this section.  Add additional sub sections if needed. APA format, 3000 words, include 25 peer review journal articles between 2018-2022. For statistical purposes, you may use three sources that are not peer review journal articles that are between 2018-2022.



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