2-1 Discussion: Research Changes and PracticesOne of the main challenges for clinicians and researchers is proving that a disorder exists. In this module, you will explore the concept of research and its influence on defining psychological disorders.

For your initial post, begin by reviewing the Research Changes and Practices Excerpts PDFdocument for information about the history of homosexuality and PTSD in the DSM. In addition, review the four excerpts about homosexuality and PTSD. Then address the following:

  • How have changes in the DSM impacted clinical diagnosis for homosexuality and PTSD?
  • How has the field of mental health changed as a result of the current concepts of homosexuality and PTSD?
  • What is the impact on clinical practice because of these changes?
  • How does the concept of research trends in the DSM apply to any of the following programmatic themes? You may want to review the Programmatic Themes PDFdocument.
    • Self-care
    • Social justice
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Career connections
    • Ethics

Remember to respond to two peers while being respectful of and sensitive to their viewpoints. Consider advancing the discussion in the following ways:

  • Post an article, video, or visual to reinforce a peer’s idea or challenge them to see their point from a different perspective.
  • Engage in conversation with your peers around changes and limitations of the DSM.

To complete this assignment, review the Psychology Undergraduate Discussion Rubric. You will also need:

  • Norms of Practice for Online Discussion PDF
  • Ethical Usage Practices PDF



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