Identify and research a US public company in your pathway that has Property, Plant and Equipment. . It should be on the Fortune 500 list.  Don’t use a company that someone has already used. Please put the company’s name as the subject of your post. Access their recent (less than 12 months) annual 10-K report for the company at the EDGAR filings at SEC Edgar search tool or Yahoo or Google finance.  Include the URL of the report in your initial post.


Initial post:

Review the report and in a minimum of 3 paragraphs, tell us the following:

The name of the company and your pathway

When was the report filed and the time period it covers, indicating specific dates, not just 2020?

What are the company’s major product lines?

What Property, Plant, and Equipment categories do they have and what are the dollar amounts for each category?  If the numbers are in millions, state that.

What methods of depreciation do they use for those categories?  Hint:  See the notes to the financial statements.

What did you find interesting about they types of Property, Plant, and Equipment they have and the depreciation methods they have chosen?


Reply to at least 2 of your fellow classmates, who selected a different company than yours.

Each reply must be at least 5 sentences long, meaningful, substantive, and detailed.

Comment on something that surprised you about their company, regarding their type of Property, Plant and Equipment, and/or their chosen depreciation methods.

Proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, etc. are required.

Do not copy and paste any information.  Your posts should be in your own words.

Follow the minimum requirements for discussion board posts located in the general discussion area.  Recall, those are the minimum requirements, more posts are always encouraged.

The initial post is due 4 days before the due date.

Examples of businesses in pathways could be:

AHCD: Dance, Theater, Film production, Social media, Graphics design or architecture business

Business:  Accounting office, caterer, advertising firm, dry cleaner, restaurant, any business is acceptable

Education:  K-12 tutoring, Child care, Charter schools

Health Sciences:  Dr. or Dentist office, PT office, Hospital, Insurance co,

IMCT:  Engineering Co., Aviation maintenance, Aviation distribution, Supply Chain Management, Auto manufacturing

Public Safety:  Law office, PI, Equipment providers for the industry

STEM:  Engineering Co., Vet. Office, Computer Services co.

SGSHS:  Psychology office, Non-profit agencies, Social Media, Hospitals, Drug manufactures

The company would be Tesla .


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