4-1 Discussion: Is Gender Dysphoria Normal or Abnormal?

The lens through which we experience gender identity and expression is constantly evolving. In this module, you will explore the concept of gender dysphoria. In what ways do our attitudes, beliefs, and culture influence our perception of gender dysphoria as normal or abnormal?

Note: The American Psychiatric Association states that although some people who are transgender experience gender dysphoria, not all people who are transgender do (Help With Gender Dysphoria, 2020).

For your initial post, review the videos Scenes From a Black Trans Life and A Short History of Trans People’s Long Fight for Equality and answer the following questions:

  • How do our attitudes impact our view of gender?
  • How does personal belief impact our view of normal and abnormal?
  • In what ways does culture play a role in our perceptions of gender?
  • Why might someone be uncomfortable validating an individual’s gender expression? In what ways can one validate an individual’s gender expression?
  • How does the concept of gender dysphoria apply to any of the following programmatic themes? You may want to review the Programmatic Themes PDFdocument.
    • Self-care
    • Social justice
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Career connections
    • Ethics

Remember to respond to two peers while being respectful of and sensitive to their viewpoints. Consider advancing the discussion in the following way:

  • Post an article, video, or visual to reinforce a peer’s perspective.



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