Read the article linked here (click here) about the gender difference in the experience of orgasms. After reading the article, you should address the following questions.

  • What is the gender orgasm gap? (Quantify it.)
  • How does the gender orgasm gap compare to the “perception gap” noted by the author?
  • The author illustrates the data she’s discussing by presenting it in two tables. Describe each of the tables. What are they representing? What are the take-away findings from each?
  • Based on what you’ve learned this semester, what factors do you think play into this gender orgasm gap?
  • The author links to two other articles she’s written on sexual behavior in the first paragraph of The Gender Orgasm Gap (hyperlinks on the words “age, frequency” and “relationship status”). Both of these other articles discuss trends in masturbation. Click on one of the articles, read it, and write a brief (3-5 sentences) synopsis of the take-home message from that article.
  • Did these articles bring up any additional questions for you?

A thoughtful and thorough response should be in the 600-700 word range.


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