1. What was the “social crisis” in England during the latter half of the sixteenth century? How did the social crisis influence English migration to North America?
  2. What did the English feel was the “basis of liberty?” In efforts to get Englishmen to migrate to North America, identify two policies that appealed to this “basis of liberty.” Why did these policies attract English colonists to the New World?
  3. Compare the English colonists (so this means the people themselves) that migrated to the Chesapeake and New England. Identify and explain three ways that they were different from one another.  (Make sure to stay focused on how the people that migrated were different from each other.)
  4. If you were an English colonist, would you prefer to go to New England or the Chesapeake? Why?  Give three well-developed reasons that explain why you would prefer that colonial region.  Or select the colonial region that you would not like to go to and give three well-developed reasons that explain why you would not like to go to that colonial region. 

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