Need to Answer each Question Around 200 words or less. Need to be in APA format. Text citations and Reference required.

Unit Activity 3

1. How do the non-Indigenous economic and social systems—imposed on Indigenous communities—allow for and even encourage corruption?

2. Do you think that Bill C-27 helps or hinders Indigenous peoples’ work towards self-government?

Need to Answer those 2 questions from that link.

Unit Activity 4

1. What is food insecurity? List some of its consequences.

2. How have the Canadian government and the Hudson’s Bay Company created food insecurity in the north?

3. List some of the initiatives devised by Indigenous peoples to address hunger in their communities.

4. Explain the Food Mail Program (FMP), Nutrition North Canada, and the Nutritious Food Basket (NFB) and problems with these programs.

5. What is the relationship between food insecurity and colonialism?

Need to answer from Burnett & Read, pp. 404-415.

Unit Activity 5

1. Why did some Inuit strategically request a Catholic mission post at Pelly Bay? What role would the mission play socially and economically among the Inuit?

2. What were some of the consequences, for the Inuit, of the establishment of the mission?

3. Inuit participation in Christianity was complex with some practices/beliefs adopted and others ignored; there was often a blend (syncretism) of Christianity and traditional Inuit spirituality.

a. Which Christian practices/beliefs were more easily adopted and why?

b. Which traditional Inuit practices/beliefs were maintained?


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