Law Civil Rights Violations

I need a illegal search and seizure, racial profiling and wrongful detainment & arrest. I was pulled over according to Lt. McCoy 534, Pct Commander ¬†under suspicion of DUI according to another sheriff who saw me weaving and all over the streets ¬†The commander lured me out of my safe space in the driver seat. The commander only concern was the young black male passenger on the right side. The commander kept asking questions about him in which I stated he was my son and his concern should be me. I passed my test, subjected to more questions about the black male. I was told I was free to go. Then Lt. McCoy ask more questions about the negro in the car and ask to search it. Out of fear and racist interactions I said yeas. I also told him I was pregnant, in my way to the doctor and feeling pain. My son was pulled out of the car assisted by other police officers. The next thing I know I hear loud noises and a foot on something on the ground. My son was handcuffed and so was I. I was detained for another 40 minutes or more then went into abdominal pain from being handcuffed and standing. Again, they did not find anything, Lt McCoy made multiple trips back to his vehicle and to mines while searching my car. I was denied my rights to be included to watch the search. We were arrested but never read our Miranda rights. My handcuffs were placed on extremely tight and when Lt McCoy was removing the handcuffs it was done with a force even after he knew I was having pre labor pains and a medical diagnosed disability. My son did not have anything in his pockets when I picked him up. The story line was manufactured. I asked for my ticket violations and was denied. I was pulled over for being all over the road but I didn’t get any tickets. We were racially profiled while sitting in a racist area in our white friends yard. I didn’t get a DUI but I was still detained. I was told to go but he detained me and was more interested in the negro in the front seat on the passenger side. I have passed a substantial amount of blood and I am starting the miscarriage process. I couldn’t even drive myself to the hospital. I have also attached the pictures of how tight he placed the handcuffs on my wrist. I saw them apply pressure on my son’ wrist as well. We were never mirandized. My son is not disabled or handicapped, why did the 2 officers have to assist him out of my vehicle? Why was I pulled over for a major traffic violation and received no tickets? Lt McCoy asked me why my eyes are blue, and if I had in contacts? I have met plenty of African Americans with blue eyes! I saw racist actions that made me fearful when this man was around me.


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