1.     Compare Spanish exploration and colonial society to that of the English? Why were the Spanish able to claim and control so much land yet the English ultimately ended up having a larger population in their colonies?


2.     Trace the early development of the Chesapeake colonies. Why did they struggle to survive in Jamestown and how did the ultimately establish a foothold in the region?

3.     Trace the development of the New England colonies. What advantages did New England colonists have over their brethren in the Chesapeake colonies?

4.     How did the arrival of the colonists in North America and their ultimate expansion impact the local tribes? What were some of the positive and negative aspects of the interaction between the two groups?

5.     How did the political upheaval in England impact the colonies?

6.     How did the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment impact the colonies?

7.     How did the wars for empire impact the colonies?

8.     Describe how the colonies became more closely aligned to England between 1680 and 1763. What could colonists point to by 1763 to show that they were truly English and members of the empire?

9.    What sense did you get from Frethorne’s letter home? How would you describe the life that he was living as an indentured servant?


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