Your “microbiome” is the collection of microbial organisms that live in and on your body. Turns out, the type of organisms you have and how many of each type can have huge effects on your overall health. So what if you don’t have the “right” types or the “right” quantity? You can get a fecal transplant – putting someone else’s poop in your digestive tract so you get their bacteria!

Read the following two articles and write a post that addresses the bullet points below.

Article 1, Article 2

  • Describe three pros to fecal transplants (note that listing different diseases that a fecal transplant can treat will not count as separate pros)
  • Describe three cons to fecal transplants
  • Summarize article 2 (feeding C-section babies mom’s poop) (3-4 sentences)
  • Would you get a fecal transplant if your doctor recommended it?
  • If you have a kid in the future (or if you’ve already had one or more and could turn back time), would you consider feeding poop to your baby should a C-section be needed?

Both articles need to be cited (in-text and full at the end). You can find information on citing sources and putting things in your own words on our Canvas site. Do not pull out lines from the articles unless you are using direct quotes (in quotation marks) – up to three short (no more than one sentence each) direct quotes are acceptable (though none are required). Failure to cite sources (in-text or full) or failure to put things in your own words warrants a zero on the assignment.


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