1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of police activity quotas.  Since police officers usually work without the direct supervision of a sergeant, is it reasonable for police departments to establish expectations of performance?

2. However, activity quotas tend to increase the negative contact between police and the public, particularly with regard to regulatory criminal laws. What alternative policies should police chiefs consider?  Explain your answer.

3. What principle(s) from chapter one might apply? Explain your answer.

Instructions for Assignment

 Principles are 

1) “The enactment of a law requires a commitment to provide the resources and the will to enforce that law.”

2) “If a law fails to achieve its intended purpose or if there are legitimate reasons why it should not be enforced as written, then it should be revised or repealed.”

3)  ” In order to gain maximum support and be most reflective of community standards, regulatory criminal laws should be enacted at the lowest level of government that is practical.”

4)  “Part of the legislative process should include input from members of the criminal justice system most affected by that legislation.”

It must be 300 words and more.

You must use the book that I added in the attachments as a reference. Other outside information is fine as well in addition.

APA style

Castillo, V. D. (2019). The Impact of Regulatory Criminal Law on American Criminal Justice: Are There Too Many Laws? (2nd ed.). Carolina Academic Press. https://online.vitalsource.com/books/9781531013431


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