topic ”ideology and globalization article” on the economy and globalization:

  • “Ideology and Globalization

2. You will write an annotated outline that summarizes and sociologically examines what you have learned in the reading. An annotated outline asks you to organize the main ideas of the paper. You include more in-depth notes and analyses than just a simple summary. I want to see that you can connect with the readings, dissect them, and successfully synthesize the key terms, concepts, debates, and theories. Explain what this all means. The summary is the “who” and “what,” while the analysis is the  “why” and “how.” Follow this 3-step model:

    • Summarize the reading in a concise, outlined format.
    • Describe the key points/themes/arguments. Provide specific examples from the articles to back up those points.
    • Explain how the reading connects to larger sociological analyses on the economy, technology, class, race, gender, inequality, or culture.
      • Connect the readings to real-world social processes. It demonstrates that you can link theory to reality and see the connections between the readings and current events (and we all know how there is so much going on in society right now–nationally and globally!). For example, you can link inflation with globalization or COVID/public health with globalization.




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