Were you familiar with telehealth before this unit’s lesson? Describe what you feel are the benefits of using telehealth. Discuss what you feel are some of the barriers involved in using telehealth. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of health care organizations offering telehealth has grown. Do you feel telehealth use will continue to rise? Explain.

Unit III Discussion Board Question

Health care, like any other business, needs money to survive. Of the four major financial statements used in health care, which one do you think is the most important, and why?

Unit III Discussion Board Question

Welcome to Discussion Question III, everyone!

  1. Consider your own genetics (traits received from your parents)  and the environment in which you grew up. Which do you think has had a greater impact on how you turned out as a person—”nature” (the genes you inherit) or “nurture” (the environment in which you grew up)? Contemplate your lifestyle or choices in life. Might either factor (or both) have influenced your choices? Why or why not? Explain your choice and support it with examples if possible.

I recognize you will have varying views on this topic. Please remember to be respectful when replying to someone with a different view. If you disagree, is there evidence or logic for this, or is it purely a matter of opinion, cultural difference, up-bringing, etc.? Be mindful we all have different life experiences to bring to the table; although you may disagree with someone, be kind in your response, as you wish

Please be sure you answer all components in both prompts to prevent losing points. Your entire response should be in 1 post. Please refrain from submitting “I agree” replies that essentially restate another student’s post. Substantive points will be deducted for restated replies or thoughtless/non-specific responses. Please refer to the course announcement on how to avoid a low discussion board grade for details.

Please note: APA format and references are not required for discussions, but may be included. This is a college-level course and I expect all posts and replies to be written in complete sentences using proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Thus, please proofread and spell check to prevent losing points. Please see the attached grading rubric for information on how discussion board posts and replies are assessed:

Unit III Discussion Board Question

You may have found that mathematics takes more time and practice when compared to other subjects you have studied. For this discussion, share your routine or schedule for completing each unit. What are some time management strategies that you use to help you effectively learn the material and complete your assignments on time?

In your response to your classmates, offer a suggestion regarding a new technique that they could adopt to help them improve their understanding and completion of each lesson.


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