**Explain the importance of the ICS system for schools and identify the key stakeholders you would include in your safety and security planning efforts?

Online Discussion – District Documents Protect Student and Teacher Rights (initial post is due by Wed)No unread replies.No replies.

**How do district documents (board policies, negotiated grievances, student code of conduct, teacher and student handbooks) explain the protection of student’s and teacher’s  rights? Refer to text, on-line sources, the LEGAL UPDATES FOR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS Modules, and the School Law Primer attached to week one for resources. Cite at least one court case for this issue in your response.  Also make at least one reference to an implication of this as a result of the pandemic. The document in week 1 modules can be a resource.

On Line Discussion Criteria:

  • Must make 1 initial comment with 2 responses to 2 of your classmates
  • 50 + words for initial comment with 25 + for responses
  • Must participate in 4 online discussions
  • Total for complete online discussions 20 Pts. X 4 = 80 Pts.



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