Question 24

Which of the following describes the mechanical weathering process called THERMAL EXPANSION?

alternate freezing and thawing of water in cracks and fractures in the rock

disintegration resulting from plants and animals

alternate expansion and contraction of rocks due to heating and cooling

rounded exfoliation of igneous and metamorphic rocks

Question 25

Wide valleys are characteristic of mature streams. They display ______________

broad floodplains and many meander bends

broad floodplains and vigorous downcutting

meanders and rapids

many rapids and waterfalls

Question 26

Which of the following factors does NOT affect a stream’s velocity?


channel size

magnetic field

the size of sediments on the stream bed

channel geometry ( in different parts of the channel the stream velocity are different)

question 27

Question 28

The imaginary line that separates two stream drainage basins is called _________.

a dashed line

a boundary line

a divide

a line of hills

Question 29

Most fresh water is found in __________________________.

frozen form as glaciers

swimming pools

lakes and rivers

underground as groundwater

Question 30



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