A. Explain the differences between the somatic nervous system and the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system. Think about both structure/anatomy and function/physiology. Remember to write this as a “contrast essay” and not just as 2 separate descriptions with no relation to one another. Compare & Contrast Essay, and example (3 pts)

B.  Write about one of the scenarios below according to your last name and explain the following:

1) which division of the autonomic nervous system would be active,

2) what neurotransmitter is released to effectors, and

3) the impact on the following 4 characteristics: heart rate, gut motility (movement through the GI tract), bronchioles, and pupil size.


If your last name begins with the letter A – G: a man is picnicking in a park on April 25, when it’s not too warm and not too cold, and all he needs is a light jacket (and there are lovely cookies and a beautiful charcuterie board).

You should use your book as a primary resource (please for the love of Schwann cells, do not tell me that the autonomic nervous system causes a person to get jittery). You can always use the internet as a secondary resource. (Literally, this should be a very easy assignment, but you do need to use your book as a reference. There is a possibility that last semester’s students made me cry and question my place in the universe because most of their answers were so nonbiological, but maybe that happened to someone else…nope, it was me. I don’t want to cry this semester. I’m counting on you. Yes, I mean YOU!)

Check your word count – you should be in the ballpark of 150 words. If you are significantly under that number, you probably need to add more details.


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