)      Name the three principle types of stressors that are used in forming faults and folds. (Remember: Keep It Simple – I want you to use your own words and answer these questions simply.)

(6 points).

2)      Name the three principle types of strain that are used in forming faults and folds. (Note: These are different than stressors.)

(6 points)

3)      What is the most commonly associated stressor for folds?

(2 points)

4)      What are the two most common folds found? For each fold, explain the shape the fold makes. (4 points)

5)      What are the two most common categories of faults? (Read carefully – CATEGORY – there are multiple TYPES of faults in a CATEGORY – looking for CATEGORY.) For each category, describe how the plates/rock move in comparison to each other and what the commonly associated stressor is(remember that stressors and strains are different). (6 points)

6)      Define what an Oblique-Slip fault is. Make sure to include a description of how the plates/rocks move in comparison to each other and which strains/stressors cause it to occur. (2 points)

7)      Make sure that every response to questions 1 through 6 has an APA intext citation of the source used to answer the questions. (0.5 points per question response; 3 points total)

8)      Below, create the reference list of all sources utilized in completing this assignment. Make sure that the reference list is in APA format. (1 point total)



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