Develop an essay response to the following statement:Explain the main factors that contributed to rapid urbanization in Canada and the United States from the early nineteenth centuryuntil 1945. (6 marks)In your essay, comment briefly on:

  1. The similarities and differences in the urbanization histories of the two nations during the study period; (2 marks)
  2. The core-periphery pattern that was increasingly assumed by each of the Canadian and US urban systems during the study period. (2 marks)
  3. In the preparation of Assignment #1, Weeks 4-6 of the instructional content and Chapter 3 of the textbook should be consulted.The following items in the online Library Readings and the Readings Package may also be consulted:“American Metropolitan Evolution” (Borchert)Pages 94-103 & 120-122 of “The Evolution of the Canadian Urban System” (Yeates) – Readings Package


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