What is the role of ATP in Respiration (Catabolism and Anabolism)?

2. Explain what occurs in the overall equation for Aerobic Glucose metabolism ?

3. List the 10 steps of Glycolysis (include reactants and products). Identify which steps are involved in Energy Investment and which steps are involved in Energy Payoff? Note which steps involve a transfer of Energy?

4. What are the final products of Glycolysis?

5. Explain what occurs in Pyruvate processing.

6. List the steps of the Krebs/TCA cycle and indicate which steps involve an energy transfer and release of CO2.

7. What are the end products of the TCA cycle?

8. Explain how ATP is generated in the Electron Transport Chain.

9. What is the difference between Oxidative and Substrate level phosphorylation?

10. What is the ATP yield from Glycolysis, Pyruvate processing, TCA cycle? Overall maximum theoretical yield from complete oxidation of one molecule of Glucose?

11. What occurs in Fermentation pathways? What is the energy yield and where does it come from?


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