Topic: The Impact of Volcanic Eruptions on Climate Change


Volcanic eruptions are one of the most powerful and awe-inspiring natural phenomena on Earth, and their impact can be felt far beyond the immediate vicinity of the volcano. One of the most significant impacts of volcanic eruptions is their effect on climate change. For your research paper, you will explore the relationship between volcanic eruptions and climate change, focusing on the effects of large-scale eruptions on global climate patterns.


Research: Did the student conduct in-depth research on the topic? Did they use credible and relevant sources to support their arguments? (20 points)

Content: Did the student provide a detailed and accurate analysis of the impact of volcanic eruptions on climate change? Did they discuss the different types of volcanic eruptions and their effects on the climate, as well as the mechanisms behind these effects? (40 points)

Organization: Was the paper well-organized and easy to follow? Did the student use headings, subheadings, and/or bullet points to enhance clarity? (10 points)

Writing style: Was the paper well-written with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation? Did the student use appropriate language and terminology for the subject matter? (20 points)

Critical Thinking: Did the student demonstrate critical thinking skills by analyzing and synthesizing information from different sources to present a coherent and well-supported argument? (10 points)


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