. Describe three methods Honda R&D Americas uses to hire engineers at its Raymond, Ohio, research, and development plant.

a) Promoting Internships: University students in the Ohio region, especially those attending Ohio State University, may be able to apply for internships at Honda R&D Americas. By providing training to college students, Honda could give aspiring engineers a chance to gain firsthand experience at Raymond’s research and development facility (Ye et al.,n.p.). It could also allow Honda R&D Americas to identify and target students who show potential and offer them full-time positions after graduation.

b) Leveraging Social Media: Honda R&D Americas could leverage social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to promote job openings and attract potential candidates. They could also create informational videos about the research and development facility, which could be shared on social media platforms (Tata,35). It would be a great way to reach out to potential candidates and give them an inside look at what it’s like to work at Honda.

c) Establishing Partnerships: Honda R&D Americas could partner with local universities and other organizations to create a talent pool of potential engineers. Such partnerships could also include events, workshops, and seminars in which potential candidates could gain more information about the research and development facility and available opportunities (Vlasic,25). It could also be an excellent opportunity for Honda to network and build relationships with potential candidates.

2. What questions would you pose to determine if a candidate is happy with their stay at Honda?

To assess whether a candidate will be happy working with Honda R&D, asking them questions throughout the interview is crucial. Questions that include “What do you know about Honda’s location and what do you think of it?” and “What do you know about the expansion plans Honda has for this area?” can help the interviewer understand if the candidate is aware of Honda’s commitment to the Raymond area and is open to the idea of staying in the region (Kenton,345). Additionally, asking questions such as “What do you find appealing about working for Honda?” and “What do you think are the benefits of working for a smaller company such as Honda compared to a larger automotive company?” can help the interviewer understand if the candidate is likely to be satisfied with their job in Honda.



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