1. Discuss Feminism and the different types of Feminisms. After briefly explaining the difference in feminisms, I want you to either pick Post-colonial Feminism or Islamic Feminism and do the following: Describe the selected Feminism in detail, I want you to state works of few authors who have worked on either Post-colonial Feminism or Islamic Feminisms. After explaining their work, (If you engage with more than two authors that will definitely help) In the last part of the essay you explain your viewpoints of the chosen feminism. You can discuss its implications; strength; weaknesses etc. (Maximum page limit is 3 pages double spaced, font size 12, Times New Roman)

2. What is Global Governance? Explain Global Health Governance; What will the future of Health governance look like due to COVID-19? What are your suggestions? (Make sure you give informed suggestions, after reading up on at least 2 academic articles-easily available on JSTOR and other journals. You should also consult reliable news sources for global trends) Guidelines: Maximum page limit: TWO ;double spaced; font size 12; Times New Roman.



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