Please write a review of the arguments ofDani Rodrik ‘Populism and the Economics ofGlobalization’. Faculty Research WorkingPaper Series, Kennedy School ofGovernment, Harvard University, June relation to at least one country we arestudying.Guidelines for the Review/Essay

  1. Your essay assignment is to write a review of the arguments of Dani Rodrik ‘Populism and the Economics of Globalization’. Faculty Research Working Paper Series, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, June 2017 inn relation to at least one country we are studying.
  2. The Essay must be typed and double-spaced. It is expected to be between 1000 words or 4 double spaced, typed pages minimum to 1500 words or 6 double-spaced typed pages maximum.
  3. The Essays can be based entirely on the course material. It does not require further research. Appropriate use of class materials in the review will be rewarded.
  4. If, however, you wish to do and cite Well-focused and effective further research, whether from newspapers, current affairs magazines, established news websites as well as scholarly books and articles, it will be rewarded. However, it should be a complement to your knowledge of the course materials, not a substitute for them.
  5. The essays do require you know the course content. Gross ignorance of the course content will be penalized.
  6. The essay must be properly referenced, whether using course materials or other material found through research.
  7. One of the most widely used referencing styles is the Harvard Author-Date format and I would like you to use this in all your assignments for this course. A quick guide to how to use it can be found here.
  8. You do not have to disagree with the argument presented to review it well.
  9. Aim to present a critical appreciation of the argument of the article you are reviewing. This requires discussing its arguments not just summarising it. Those who confine themselves to summarising the article, however well it is done, will get a very low mark and could even fail. Discussing the argument involves several things:
  10. Please do not fill pages with irrelevant information or comments on the author’s identity or style of writing unless it is relevant to the argument.
  11. In the review you may also do some other things:
  12. Your close reading and understanding of the article under review must be evident in the review.
  13. A final piece of advice. Writing a review proceeds much more efficiently if you have read the article some time in advance of writing the review and let its contents grow on you a bit. It also helps to talk to others about it. It helps to make clearer about what the article is about, where its significance lies and, most important, what you think of it.


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