Page limit: 3-4 pages

About the Topic: External focus of attention when playing badminton or tennis or squash. How external focus of attention is used when hitting a stationary object (e.g. golf) VS when hitting a moving object (e.g tennis/badminton/squash/batting). How is it beneficial? Talk about attention, compare internal and external focus of attention, postural control.


Develop a detailed outline for your literature review based on the selected topic of interest. Include both behavioral, neural, or neurobehavioural research designs from the fields of motor control and learning broadly. Overall content for your research plan should provide an overview of your topic and ideas for subheadings/topics you plan to cover in more detail in your final paper. Content should be 3-4 pages double-spaced (title page, figures, appendices, and references are not included in the 3-5 pages). Detailed expectations for the write-up are outlined below.

Project Proposal:

Introduction and Organization (6)

• Follows logical order

• Clear introduction, explanations, and summary

• Clear use of visuals (as appropriate)

Content (10)

• Topic is outlined, with definition as appropriate.

• Main and relevant information from research articles/scholarly resources summarized and

integrated as appropriate.



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