Topic: Risk and Opportunities for hiring new employees

Narrowed Scope: Risks and opportunities for recruiting new team members instead of promoting existing team members in the retail industry e.g, walmart, shoppers drug mart, superstore. (most of the information can be found in the textbook and chapter 5 slides 6 & 7.)

Introduction (1 paragraph)The introduction should tell the reader what he or she will find in your paper. Begin with an attentiongrabber, give an overview of significant issues involved with the subject, define key terminology neededto understand the topic and bring forth questions you want to study. You must also provide a briefoutline of the main points in the paper. The introduction must end with a thesis statement (1 or 2sentences in length). The thesis needs to tell the reader the focus of the paper.

Write 2 pages of content

These paragraphs should examine the paper’s main points in connection to the thesis, as brought forthin the introduction. Give strong examples, details, and explanations to support each main point.Corroborate assertions and conclusions with appropriate research material. If relevant, address anycounterarguments and refute those arguments. Use strong evidence from sources that support the mainpoints and include the proper in-text citation. (Note: Avoid too many quotes; instead, it is better toparaphrase and summarize)


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