Unit 4 Assignment: Mitosis and Meiosis: The Process of Cellular Reproduction


In this assignment you will be comparing mitosis and meiosis. These two processes are how parent cells produce daughter cells. However, they have two entirely different goals. What are the key steps of these two types of cellular reproduction? How does the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis generate variation and explain Mendel’s law of independent assortment?


You will be creating this assignment inPadlet.

•Go to:https://padlet.com/

o Click “Sign up for free” if you do not already have an account.

o Sign up and then log in.

o Once in your account, click “Make a Padlet”.

o Then select “Shelf” template and make two columns:

One column will be “Mitosis”

One column will be “Meiosis”

o From there you can select backgrounds images to insert and text.

o When you are finished with your work, click “Share” and copy the link to your clipboard.

o Paste the link in the text box in the assignment in Blackboard.

•Your Padlet will address the following:

o What are the key steps of these two types of cellular reproduction?

Include key differences that lead to 2 clone daughter cells with a full set of identical DNA or 4 daughter cells that are genetically unique but have only half the DNA needed.



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