Please answer all questions correctly.

A. Is sugar good…bad…neither….both? Tell me why. What are the roles of fiber in your diet? Sources?

Know anyone who has had or does have Diabetes? What effects does/did it have on them?

What role does alcohol play in your life? Your friends? Family? What role do you think it should play? How much alcohol is too much?

B. What does protein do in your body? Where can you find it? Where do you get it in your diet?

Have you ever seriously considered being a vegetarian? Why or why not? What, for you, would be some of the benefits/drawbacks, do you think?

Are you allergic to anything edible? How did that happen? Is it genetic? Did you pick it up from somewhere (meaning contagious)?

C. Do you consume too much fat in your diet? Perhaps, not enough? What do you think? What types of fat do you consume the most? What kind of ailments are tied to fat consumption?

Do you know anyone with heart issues? How do they eat? Is there a relationship there?

D. Do you get enough Vitamins in your diet? Where do you get them from, which foods? Might you get too much of any Vitamin? How would you know?

Have you ever heard of PhytoChemicals or PhytoNutrients outside of this class? What kinds of things do you think they do?

Have you ever known anyone with Cancer? How did they eat? Do you think there is a relationship between food and cancer? What do you think?

E. From where do you get Minerals in your diet? What kinds of things do Minerals do?

Have you ever taken a Supplement? Where can you find them? Can you name some and what they do?

How much water do you drink per day? What are your sources of water?

F. Have you ever known anyone with a genetic disease? How big of a role do you think genetics plays in your health?

Do you exercise? What kind of exercise? How often? Why? What effect does it have on you?

Have you ever played a sport? Is it the same as exercise? Why?

G. What changes might a pregnant woman make to her diet? What things might she avoid? What things might she increase or decrease? Why? What Nutrients are vital to a newborn? Have you ever known anyone while they were pregnant? Did they follow these dietary habits during their pregnancy/


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