A.  List and describe the general steps in a reflex arc. Explain why this is a negative feedback mechanism. Write your answer as a paragraph. You may want to review the parts and events that occur in a negative feedback mechanism (Chapter 1/https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYjqqAmnUh) (5 pts)

B.  What is a dermatome? What are 2 ways that dermatomes are used clinically? (3 pts)

C. Once you have posted your answer, read 3 other student’s posts and write a response to your own post about what you learned.  What would you add to your own answer? (2 pts)

You should use your book as a primary resource. You can always use the internet as a secondary resource.

Check your word count – you should be in the ballpark of 200 words. If you are significantly under that number, you probably need to add more details.

Additional Discussion Board instructions can be found here:  Essay and Discussion Board Guidelines

Special note:

You cannot use this sentence in your discussion board: “Dermatomes are useful to help localize neurologic levels, particularly in radiculopathy.” I have read this sentence about eleventy bajillion times without context or explanation. 1) It’s definitely plagiarism if you use this sentence. 2) This is a bad sentence full of jargon and no context. If you read the article and can explain what this sentence means in your own words, you have my full blessing.



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