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Chapter 2 questions

1. What are mechanisms of antimicrobial action of Triclosan and Povidone? –

2. What are concentrations of ethanol or propanol alcohol required for hand antiseptics? –

3. Why isn’t 100% ethanol effective against bacteria? – .

4. What are two the least resistant and two the most resistant forms of microbes? –

5. Is human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) resistant to disinfectants and antiseptics? Yes or No. Explain your answer –

6. Is ethyl alcohol an antiseptic or a disinfectant? –

7. What is the difference between antiseptics and disinfectants? –

8. Name disinfectants effective in killing bacterial endospores –

9. Is soap effective as an antiseptic? Yes or No. Explain your answer –

10. Name 3 or more bacterial genera whose species make up the normal flora of human skin –

Chapter 9 questions

1. Why do bacterial and fungal colonies look different? (up to 500 characters) –

2. Other than agar what else can be used as solidifying agent in media suitable for bacterial cultivation? Give 2 examples or more –

3. What is the advantage of growing bacteria on solid media? –

4. Colony size, color, and shape are critical in description of bacterial growth on solid medium. What are 3 other crucial factors,

not description of colony or a microbe itself, are typically included in description of bacterial growth on solid medium? –

5. How can you prove that the bacterial colony contains a pure culture? –

6. If you found the colony to be a mixture of organisms, what could you do to isolate them as pure cultures? –

7. You have coughed on the plate and there is no growth after incubation. Suggest 2 or more reasons why no bacterial growth was observed on the plate –


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