Topic: Coercion and Restraints in Healthcare


  1. Pick a topic related to the course. (Coercion and Restraints in Healthcare)
  2. Research the topic.
  3. Identify a clinical case related to your chosen topic.
  4. Analyze the case using an organized model such as the Jonsen Model.
  5. Prepare 2-3page minimum written summary to accompany your presentation. This includes at least 3 resources in APA format. Due date listed.
  6. Create a presentation slid on the case you selected.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Access resources (i.e. database, internet, reference librarian, Writing Center) to fulfill requirements of project. (I have attached 3 sources you can use… if there are additional scholarly articles sources you want to use go ahead)

2.     Use APA format to cite resources used.

3.     Create and present a presentation on a Clinical case using the Jonsen Model.

  • I have attache 3 sources.
  • Use the Framework I have attached to written the 2-3 page and to make the presentation slide.



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