Different cells respire at different rates. Explain why this is useful. How could you predict the relative respiratory rates of different tissues by examining cells through a microscope?

Cancer cells divide out of control. Side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy that fight cancers include loss of hair and of the intestinal lining, producing severe nausea. Not that cells in hair follicles and intestinal lining divide frequently. What can you infer about the mechanisms of these treatments? What would you look for in an improved cancer therapy?

Essay LENGTH: approximately 1500 words

  • Explain why organisms do not violate the second law of thermodynamics. What is the ultimate energy source for most forms of life on Earth?
  • Describe a chloroplast and then explain how chloroplast structure is related to its function.
  • Outline the two major stages of glycolysis. How many ATP molecules (overall) are generated per glucose molecule during glycolysis? Where in the cell does glycolysis occur?
  • Write the overall equation for photosynthesis and explain it.


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