1) Why do the authors compare husbandry of bacteria by social amoeba to farming of fungi by social insects (i.e., consider them to be ‘striking convergent evolution’) ? Hint: Explain what authors mean by ‘mulitgenerational benefits of farming go to already established kin groups.’

2) How do the authors explain why there are always farmers and non-farmer clones in the same locations? (What are the pros and cons of farmer us non-farmer ?)

3) How is the analogy ‘humans seed preferred plants in an already green world’ related to the slime molds in this study?

4) Why is bacteria quantified by ‘colony-forming units’? or absorbance (A600)?

5) What are possible explanations for why the non-farmer migrates further than the farmer? Give two reasons. And how did they get the slime molds to migrate?


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