Select ONE of the following:

Why might it be beneficial for the U.S. educational system to begin foreign language learning classes before high school?  Please be detailed and include specific examples.  You my include personal experiences.


How do you think modern communication technologies like cell phones and computers are changing how people communicate?  Is the change positive or negative?  Please example your response and give specific examples.


Canvas Web Activities must be completed by the posted deadline listed on the syllabus.

  • To obtain any points, the student must complete/submit the activity on Canvas by the posted deadline in the syllabus.
  • It will not be accepted late under any circumstances. You will not be able to access the activities after the posted deadline.
  • At a minimum…. Responses to activities should be at least THREE fully detailed paragraphs.  Each paragraph should have at least 6-8 sentences.  They should be well thought out, organized, clearly presented and checked for basic spelling and grammar. I am looking to see that you fully understand and can apply the course concepts.
  • REMEMBER…. MINIMAL EFFORT EQUALS MINIMAL GRADE (20-30 POINTS).  IF YOU WISH TO EARN THE MAXIMUM POINTS, YOU MUST SHOW MAXIMUM EFFORT AND MASTERY OF THE COVERED CONCEPTS AND MATERIALS. Did you know that effective analysis of concepts requires professionalism in handling academic research Papers? Do no compromise on your grade choose professional Research writers at tenacity

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