There are 4 choices (topic) you can choose one only.

Essay topics: Please Choose only One!

1.   Federalism and the Parliamentary System: Two Models in Conflict?

2.   Central Agencies and Cabinet: Too Much power?

3.   Minority Governments: Good or Bad?

4.   The politician and the bureaucrat: Adversaries or Partners?

Essay Instructions:

1) have a thesis statement — a position, a perspective, a point of view, an argument — in the first paragraph, or very close to it. 2) a “plan” for the paper in 1 or 2 sentences: what are you looking at? why are you looking at it? how are you looking at it? 3) “hint” at your conclusions — or findings– in 1 or 2 sentences in the first paragraph (or maybe the 2nd paragraph) of the introduction. Any reference style is fine. Please number your pages. You need to provide a road map for your reader, so you need to know where you are going with your argument for yourself in advance. This makes your essay much more interesting as well as stronger.

Apa Style, with 10-14 Academic sources. If you use articles please make sure they are Peer-reviewed articles.

Please write 8 pages 2400 words and it should be double spaced in Times New Roman.



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