This paper will be 750-1000 word in total

1) Comparative Method and Democracy

As a Political Scientist, you want to do research in the field of “Comparative Politics”. You need to make a research about the democracy levels of countries. According to this:

a) Case selection:By number (single case, few cases or many cases)Write down which one you chose, give information about this method, and explain WHY you chose this method.

b) Analysis level:Give general information about the analysis levels. Explain what level of analysis you used for your research and WHY.

c) Identification:State which definition of democracy you will use. For what purpose you choose the definition you have chosen; that is, explain WHY this definition is more appropriate for research.

2) Discuss how the Covid-19 epidemic can contribute to democratization in the world according to Modernization Theory, Historical Sociology and Transition Theories, which are among the theories explaining democratization. Evaluate the following topics in terms of all three theories.

• Express the main arguments of the theories about democratization in your own words.

• Success of the USA and democrat Biden in the vaccination campaign

• Success in the EU, democracy and vaccination

• China, democracy and vaccination success

• General evaluation (which theory has more explanatory power, which is more compatible with social reality, in what sense do the theories complement each other, what kind of clues about the post-epidemic future of democracy?)

Its one single question, please dont give a short answers I need explanations, thank you.

3) Evaluate the possible change in the political culture of Hungary during and after the Covid-19 epidemic by conducting research (current news research) on the subject. Discuss the way in which possible “authoritarianism” can take place in Hungary. Did you know that effective analysis of concepts requires professionalism in handling academic research Papers? Do no compromise on your grade choose professional Research writers at tenacity

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