Analyze the article: “Censorship or Common Sense” using the Critical Questions in Browne and Keeley:

Here you must “ask and answer” all the critical questions in your analysis of the article in narrative form.

What are the issue and conclusion?

What are the Reasons?

What words or phrases are ambiguous?

What are the value conflicts and assumptions?

What are the descriptive assumptions?

Are there Fallacies in the reasoning?

How good is the evidence supporting the views and arguments?

Are there Rival Causes?

Are the statistics deceptive?

What significant information is omitted?

What conclusions are possible?

II Arguments:

After you have analyzed the article, you will provide one argument in support of a position or claim made by the author and one argument refuting a position or claim. Your arguments should be based on the identification of flaws in the reasoning, not merely opinion. Your arguments should be supported by documented evidence.

  1. Argument in support of a position or claim of the proponents or opponents with additional evidence: Argument refuting a position or claim of the proponents or opponents with additional evidence:


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