Compare and Contrast International Healthcare SystemsCompare the U.S. healthcare system with a different country’s national healthcare system

How are the systems different? What are the major differences for patients?How much does each country spend on healthcare services?What are healthcare outcomes for the countries?What are the results of the systems?

Consider:Life expectancy ratesMortality ratesProcedure costsInfant mortality ratesUninsured ratesCitizen's Medical debtEase of accessQuality of care/wait times

Submission and Assessment Guidelines

Takes a position and supports it with objective evidence that includes data, facts and statisticsIs proofread with proper grammar, punctuation, and spellingIs well-organized with similar topics togetherIncludes relevant vocabulary from your readingsIncludes transitions to assist with flow and readability

APA FormatIncludes an APA (7th edition) formatted reference page with two scholarly sources as well asin-text citations


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