1.Select ONE diagnosis from the following:1. Unilateral vocal cord paralysis2. Wernicke’s aphasia3. Pharyngeal phase dysphagia4. Bilateral vocal fold nodules

2.Create a brief client description to provide a frame of reference on which to build the rest ofyour paper [i.e. Kim is a 35 year old woman who was diagnosed with x. She came into the cliniccomplaining of … then launch into the rest of your paper]. You will use your research to fleshthis out. What type of clients typically present with this type of disorder? What age might theybe? What might their occupation be? What might they do in their free time? What might theirlife circumstances look like? How might this contribute to their diagnosis potentially?

3.Organize your paper by subheader.

4.Using the following commonly used speech pathology databases, write a double spaced 2-3page paper encompassing your chosen diagnosis’ ETIOLOGY, SYMPTOMOLOGY, ANATOMICALand PHYSIOLOGICAL findings and ONE common TREATMENT TECHNIQUES associated with thisdiagnosis.

5.You must use a minimum of 3 sources. One of the sources can include the text book.

6. Data bases should include but are not limited to: ComDisDome, NIDCD[https://www.nidcd.nih.gov] The National Institute on Deafness and Other CommunicationDisorders], The Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, and the ASHA LEADER. You haveaccess to each of these databases via your tuition directly through the library website as well asthrough the internet directly.Please Note:If you need help, did you know that the Communication Disorders department hastheir very own library liaison? Her name is Anne Deutsch. If you need any help at all in accessingthe data bases please reach out to her at: deutscha@newpaltz.edu


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