MKT301 Principles of Marketing (Module 4 SLP)

Branding Entrepreneurship and Small Business Applications

Assignment Overview

Marketing Presentation

Time to make a marketing pitch. Design a new product. Let investors know why they should back the project with company resources. Be persuasive and professional. Find the entrepreneur in you.

How do you create a product or service? Ever look for a product and find out it does not exist? Someone had to come up with ham and pineapple pizza, right? Keep the idea simple. If you get stumped and do not have an idea, search for “really cool products” and use one of them. Do not use a well-known name-brand product; pick something you have never heard of.

Session Long Project 4 Resources

Developing Pitches for Various Audiences and Goals (2022)Entrepreneurial Marketing and the Marketing Mix (2022)Marketing Strategy and the Marketing Plan (2022)Market Research, Market Opportunity Recognition, and Target Market (2022)Conducting a Feasibility Analysis (2022)

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