presented and envision how those events shaped our history.Instructions: Write a 250-300 word paper that demonstrates you have read the material, and understand how events during that time shaped our history. No part of your response can be taken directly from the readings without quote marks–the majority should not be a quotation–and you must cite your sources–do not plagiarize. You can add your personal reactions. These are due each Saturday before 11pm.Citations and references should have a consistent style (APA, MLA, …), which includes author, title, source (for journal volume/issue), pages, publication date.  Include URL if at hand.  URLs alone are not references.Unit 1 Reflection questions

  • The major differences between the New and Old Worlds.
  • Major drivers of European exploration and settlement to the New World.

Sources of conflict between Europeans and the Native Americans.

Week 6 Reflection

  • Significance of the market and transportation revolutions.
  • The evolution of slavery as both a labor system and a system for regulating race relations.
  • Westward expansion: annexation, the treatment of Native Americans, and the Mexican War.


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