To analyze and evaluate the major achievements, cultural impact, and significant events of the Renaissance period.


  1. Write a 5-paragraph essay about the Renaissance period.
  2. The first paragraph should introduce the topic and provide background information about the period.
  3. The second and third paragraphs should discuss the major achievements and cultural impact of the Renaissance.
  4. The fourth paragraph should examine significant events and figures of the Renaissance.
  5. The fifth paragraph should conclude the essay by summarizing the key points and evaluating the overall impact of the Renaissance period.

Paragraph 1: Introduction

provide background information on the Renaissance period, including its time frame and geographical location

Briefly explain what the Renaissance was and why it is considered a significant time in history

Paragraph 2 and 3: Major achievements and cultural impact

+Discuss the major achievements of the Renaissance in the areas of art, science, literature, and architecture

+Evaluate the cultural impact of the Renaissance on society, including  the revival of classical learning, the growth of humanism, and the development of new ideas about individualism and the natural world.

Paragraph 4: Significant  events and figures

+Discuss some of the most noteworthy events and figures of the Renaissance, such as the invention of the printing press, the exploration of the New World, and the works of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Shakespeare.


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