Topic: Write an argumentative essay comparing and contrasting the Second World War and the Cold War in Europe. What points could be in your essay: (Also need to finish the essay preparation worksheet which i already attached to the question.)

length: 1500-2000 words, 8-10 pages


Factors leading to war (briefly)

Stakes involved (what would the winner get?)

2.Opposing forces

Size, quality, composition

Technologies of war involved

Logistics and supply

Funding – how did they pay for this war?

3.Nature and Duration of the War


Phases of Battle



4.Victory and Loss

How was victory achieved?

What did victory (if any) mean?

Were the costs involved perceived to be worth it?

What happened to the losers?

How did victory and loss affect the societies involved?

Consider the economic, social, and political consequences

Remember: It is impossible to talk about everything. Be selective and analytic. Don’t just tell me what happened, analyze to create a compare and contrast of the two wars.


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