LANDMARKS IN HUMANITIESChapter 3: EMPIRE: The Power and Glory of Rome1.What were the three cultures that influenced the development of Roman culture? What did eachculture contribute?2.Identify the patricians, plebeians, and tribunes.3.What nations fought in the Punic Wars? Why? What was the outcome?4.What was the backbone of the Roman Empire?5.What led to the fall of the Empire? What did Julius Caesar do to try to prevent it?6.Who were Titus Livius and Marcus Tillius Cicero?7.What did/do Stoics believe? Who was Seneca?8.Identify the significance of Virgil and the Aeneid.9.Who was Juvenal and with what genre of literature is he associated?10.What physical/architectural advances are credited to the Romans? What building material were theRomans the first to use?11.What purpose did Roman sculpture serve? In what school/style was it executed?12.Under what dynasty did China see its first great period of unity? What advances were madeduring this time? What product brought increasing wealth to China?13.Why was the Great Wall of China built?14.Which dynasty represents the high point and classical phase of Chinese civilization?15.Who was Sima Qian and what was his important contribution?16.Vocabulary: define this termsEclogue


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