Part 2: UPLOAD A BRIEF PRESENTATION INTRODUCING YOUR COURSE PROJECT TOPIC (submitted as an attachment)The topic of the course project will be any species native to your area. The organism should come from one of the four major kingdoms (Protist Fungus Plant or Animal) and be indigenous to the area in which you reside. The organism should not be a domesticated pet but rather a species that is native to the local area where you live. You should make sure to select a different species than your classmates so include the name of your species in the title of your post. Familiarize yourself with the Course Project Guide. Create a narrated PowerPoint presentation (or other multimedia program as approved by your instructor) (2-3 slides) and upload it as a file attachment to your forum post. For instructions on how to create audio narration in PowerPoint see the following link: Record a Slide Show With Narration. Your mini-presentation should include the following: Your name date class name and my name Common and scientific names of the organism.

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